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Frequently Asked Questions

Practical Information
  1. How to book tickets for the 2020 Formula 1 French Grand Prix?
    Tickets can be booked online on the official website. https://gpfrance.stagewp.webedia.io/en/official-ticketing/
    When will the 2020 French Grand Prix be held?
    The 2020 Formula 1 French Grand Prix will take place from June 26 to 28.
    What does my ticket include?
    A Formula 1 Grand Prix features practice on Friday and Saturday morning, qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday. 3-day pass include all these races. You can also watch support races, entertainment in the fan zone, parades, concerts and much more. 3-day pass holders will get exclusive access to the circuit on Thursday for the drivers’ autograph session and pitlane walk. Your ticket includes:
    Which categories and rates are available for sale?
    A variety of prices are on sale to suit all preferences in different location. Alongside full price, special rates are available for 6-16 yo children, wheelchair user companions and disabled spectators’ companions, both as 3-day passes and day passes. Children under 6 can access free of charge but do not get their own seat. https://gpfrance.stagewp.webedia.io/en/official-ticketing/
    What is General Admission?
    General Admission corresponds to visibility areas around the track. It does not correspond to grandstand seats. If you have grandstand tickets, you can access to general admission.
    Which grandstands are covered?
    Only Virage du Pont 2,3 and 4 are fully covered. Start/Finish and Virage du Pont 1 are partially covered, we can’t certify that you will be protected.
    Can I choose my seat location?
    You can choose your preferred grandstand and seat when booking your tickets. Check the view from your seat with our 3D booking service.
    My friends and I bought tickets separately, could you please seat us next to each other?
    No replacement will be made, you have to book all tickets in one single order to be seated next to each other.
    My child is 16 years old, can we buy a 6-16 years old ticket?
    The 6-16 year old rate is valid for children under 16 years old, i.e. children born between 2004 and 2014 depending on the date of the event, i.e. 28 June 2020.
    My child is under 6 years old, which ticket do I have to book?
    Children under 6 years of age have free access to the circuit and must be seated on their parents' lap. A ticket will be given to your child upon presentation of a justification at the ticket office on the day of the event
    Do I need to write all the names of the attendees on the tickets?
    No, you don’t, the tickets aren’t nominative.
    Can I buy my ticket during the event?
    A ticket office will be open during the event.
    We are a group, how can we buy tickets?
    Please, send an e-mail to cegroupes@gpfrance.com with your request.
  2. What are the payment methods?
    It is possible to pay with Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Your bank details are secured. Your credit card information is not stored on our website. An invoice may be requested when ordering. American Express cards are not accepted.
    Can I cancel or modify my order?
    Tickets are neither refunded nor exchanged except in the event of cancellation of the Grand Prix de France or interruption before half of its duration, which would not be caused due to force majeure or by the actions of a third party. Any request for reimbursement must be sent to us within 3 months after the cancellation of the event. Please check the conformity of your tickets as soon as they are received and, if necessary, contact us as soon as possible in the event of a lack of conformity. In accordance with Article L221-28.12° of the Consumer Code, tickets are not subject to a right of withdrawal.
  3. When and how are my tickets sent?
    As the ticketing is exclusively electronic, you will have the possibility to choose the download or transfer mode in Passbook (digital wallet). You will receive your ticket in 2020, at the latest one month before the event. A confirmation will be sent to you as soon as the order is placed.
    How do I know that my order went well?
    We will send you a confirmation email.
    I didn't receive any confirmation email.
    First, we invite you to check your junk mail. If there is no email and an order has been placed, then it is possible that an incorrect email was entered when you created your account. Note your order number down and contact us.
    Should I print my tickets?
    If the ticket is in electronic format, it is strongly recommended to print it to speed up your entrance to the site. The confirmation of order of the official ticketing or the invoice provided by the distribution networks chosen by the GIP do not constitute an access ticket.
  1. Where is the circuit located?
    Address: 2760 Route des Hauts du Camp, RDN8, 83330 Le Castellet GPS coordinates: 43°15'07 "North / 5°47'17 "East
    How will the Formula 1 Grand Prix de France organise traffic and access to the circuit?
    In the area surrounding the circuit, the three main access roads will not overlap. The parking areas are predefined according to the arrival path of the spectators. In order to improve traffic conditions, our Park and Ride will be set up in La Ciotat, St-Cyr sur Mer and Le Castellet. From their Park And Ride, shuttles will transport spectators through a dedicated access road. Waze will keep spectators informed in real time of the roads to be taken and the overall traffic situation. This year our partnership with Waze will be strengthened. The application will transmit all traffic information live to the spectators until the end of the event.
    How do the roads around the circuit work?
    The 3 roads around the circuit (Signes, Cuges-les-Pins and Le Beausset) will never cross each other in order to regulate the spectators flow. They will serve predefined car parks according to the arrival axis of the spectators.
    At what time should I come to avoid difficult traffic conditions?
    The sooner the better in order to ensure quick access to the circuit but also to fully enjoy all the activities around the circuit and all the different sessions during the weekend.
    How does the carpooling work?
    A minimum of 4 people must be in each car to be considered "carpooling". By carpooling, spectators will have access to a dedicated parking area. They will also be allowed to drive on a dedicated axis that will directly lead them to the circuit. Registration is mandatory. Spectators will then receive an email with all the information related to the use of the F1 Lane, the carpool car park as well as the badge to be affixed on the windscreen to use the F1 Lane.
    How does Waze work? Is the use of the application essential?
    Waze will keep spectators informed in real time of the routes to be taken and the traffic situation. We strongly recommend the use of this application.
  2. How are parking lots organized? Will it be possible to choose the car park closest to my grandstand?
    We have decided to assign cars to parking areas regarding their arrival route. This will optimize traffic flows. This year, a new FastPark service will allow spectators to choose from 3 areas located near the circuit and to choose the area closest to their grandstand. This service will allow spectators to use roads that would normally be closed to the public, in order to access their parking area. (Warning: this does not apply to the F1 Lane). We will also give spectators the opportunity to park within the circuit with our Premium parking lot. This Premium Parking will provide them with several advantages : access to the F1 Lane, asphalt parking and quick access to the Beausset grandstands, the start/finish straight line, the Signes curve, the southern village and the Fan Zone.
    How can we book our Park And Ride?
    This year, we launch our"FastPark" service to give spectators the opportunity to park as close as possible to their grandstands. For our Park And Ride service, we will publish a dedicated platform online. All you'll have to do is register for free on the Grand Prix de France website. Once registered, we will come back to you by email as the Grand Prix approaches to let you know the exact location of your Park and Ride. Spectators will be able to park their cars and use the shuttles that will take a dedicated route. The Park and Ride services will be located in La Ciotat, St-Cyr sur Mer and Le Castellet.
    How does the FastPark work?
    Three dedicated zones will be created around the circuit for spectators wishing to park as close as possible to their grandstand. The first zone will be located at the Sainte Baume gate, facilitating access to the Sainte Baume grandstand, the second zone at the Chicane gate, facilitating access to the Chicane grandstand but also to the the start/finish line. Finally, there will be a parking area to the east, at the Toulon gate, facilitating access to the Beausset grandstand but also to the Signes curve. Once the FastPark purchased, spectators will receive an email with all the information relative to the use of this service as well as a sticker to affix to their windscreen and give access to the reserved area.
    How does the Premium Parking work?
    The Premium Parking will be located at the heart of the circuit. The car park will be paved, secure and will give access to many advantages, including access to the F1 Lane. This Premium car park is located near the stands of the start/finish straight line, the Beausset stand, the Signes curve, the South Village, the Fanzone and the Children's Village. E-mails containing information about the purchase will be sent to spectators with all the practical information, as well as a sticker to stick on their windscreen to access the F1 Lane and the Premium car park.
    If I register for the Park and Ride, am I sure to have a spot? What is the advantage?
    By registering for the Park and Ride, your parking spot is automatically reserved. Spectators will then receive an email containing all the information related to their Park and Ride spot. Upon arrival at the Park and Ride, spectators will be led by the staff of the Grand Prix de France and specific markings will be set up to find their spot. By booking a spot in our Park and Ride, spectators will save a lot of time in case of heavy traffic. Our shuttles will take a dedicated road, totally trafic free. We will soon provide you with more information to indicate in which Park and Ride zone your parking spot will be booked. This zone will be booked according to the postal code or place of residence that will have been communicated at the time of registration on our website.
    How does your shuttle service work?
    Spectators will only find our shuttles at the Park and Ride of La Ciotat, St Cyr sur Mer and Le Castellet. These shuttles will also pass by the bus station, picking up spectators regularly during the rush hours. Our shuttles will use a priority road to save more time (40 minutes ride maximum).
    How can you guarantee security without control?
    Security checks will be carried out at the entrance of the circuit following the Vigipirate plan. The spectators will be assisted throughout their ride to their parking spot by the gendarmerie, which will be positioned on all strategic axes. All our parking areas will be watched closely by security guards and our teams.
    Will the parking areas be accessible by all vehicles?
    Parking areas will be cleared in advance to allow any car to access them. However, these parking areas remain difficult to practice for "low" sports cars. Nevertheless, we areworking every day to make access and traffic in the car parks as clean and fluid as possible.
    Do you guarantee complete service as soon as the vehicle is parked?
    As soon as they'll have dropped off their vehicle, a route will be indicated via totems to take spectators to the entrance of the circuit. Furthermore, specific markings will be put in place to indicate the direction to follow and the time remaining until their final destination.
    How will motorcycles access their parking lot?
    Motorcycles must use the Cuges or Signes/Beausset axes. Thanks to our partnership with Waze, spectators will be able to select the "Motorcycle" driving in the application and Waze will indicate the fastest way to access the motorcycle dedicated parking lot on the edge of the circuit.
    Will the motorcycle parking lot be paved? Will there be a guideline for helmets?
    The motorcycle parking area will be paved to facilitate spectator parking with a free helmet deposit available at the entrance to the circuit. The entrance to the circuit from the motorcycle parking lot will be located at the Mistral gate.
    Will there be a new parking lot without wood chips?
    On the edge of the circuit, the parking lots are brushed and located in a wooded area. Particular attention has been paid to the cleanliness of these areas in order to make them much more accessible to all as well as to the layout of their entrances and exits. There will also be an asphalt parking lot for motorcycles. The Park and Ride in La Ciotat, St Cyr sur Mer and Le Castellet will also be mostly paved.
    At what time do parking areas open? What time do they close?
    Parking areas will open at 6:30 am from Friday to Sunday. The parking areas will close one hour after the circuit closes. We will later communicate the exact closing times of the circuit and parking areas for 2020.
    Do car park relays have access for PRMs?
    All park and ride will be easily accessible, without walking or hiking too high (if necessary, small shuttles will be provided to take spectators to their parking area).
  3. What can I take to the 2020 Formula 1 Grand Prix de France?
    Following the reinforcement of security measures within the Vigipirate plan, we remind you that only one bag per person (type handbag / small backpack) will be allowed in the circuit. No bags, luggage, coolers or other bulky items will be allowed. Folding chairs, umbrellas and parasols are allowed. The following items are prohibited: - Weapons and sharp objects - Explosive, volatile or inflammable substance and any pyrotechnic device - Glass packaging - Lights - Animals (except guide dogs) - Alcohol - UAVs - Light laser apparatus - Any medium carrying an advertising, protest or religious message
    Is it possible to leave the circuit and come back in without paying again?
    Yes, this will be possible but only if necessary. It is mandatory to "de-scan" your ticket when leaving in order to be able to "re-scan" when entering.
  4. What are the conditions of access to the ticket office for people with disabilities?
    Go to the dedicated information page https://tickets.gpfrance.com/, you should find all the information you need. You will then find a ticketing platform dedicated to wheelchair users and to people with other disabilities.
    Will PMR/PSH parking spaces be available?
    Yes, parking spots for spectators with disabilities are available free of charge when purchasing access tickets, limited to one spot per order.
    I am disabled, can someone come with me?
    Each spectator with a disability has the right to an accompanying person who will benefit from a reduced rate (50%). Additional accompagnants can be added to the order but at full price, unless they are children between 6 and 16 years old (also 50% discount)
    Can we bring a guide / assistance dog?
    Anyone with a ticket dedicated to people with disabilities can access the circuit with a guide or assistance dog under the conditions provided by the french law. A proof of the dog's status must be presented at the entrance to the circuit and on request.
  1. What is the size of the unit?
    Each unit has a maximum size of 40 square metres.
    Where can I put my tent?
    Stewards designate the locations. The camper is required to report his presence in the camp by presenting himself to the controllers at the entrance to the camping site. The camper presents his camping pass to the controllers which will authorize him into the site. If you forgot your camping pass, a copy of the invoice or your order confirmation may be presented to the controllers. At any time, controllers may carry out a camp site check in order to avoid any unauthorised camping.
    What am I obliged to do when I book a camping unit?
    The camper is personally responsible for the order and cleanliness of his parcel. Any cutting of trees or branches is strictly prohibited. The camper must respect the grassy areas and adapt his behaviour to the surroundings, in particularely in the event of bad weather and limit the movements of his vehicle.
    We have 2 cars, can we book just one camping pitch?
    Only one vehicle is allowed per camping pitch. If you want to come with 2 cars, you need to book 2 camping pitches. Please remind you that we encourage you to carpool to limit the number of vehicles around the circuit.
    Can I come with my caravan or motorhome?
    Yes. You only have one camping unit to book.
    What is included in the different camping offers?
    All the information on https://tickets.gpfrance.com/fr/node/1657
  2. What is being done for waste?
    All waste must be deposited in the containers provided.
    Will there be toilets/showers available?
    The toilets are open at all times. Their cleaning is done in the evening and in the morning. Between these two periods, the camper must ensure that the toilets are as clean as possible, that no waste is dumped in them and that the various products (soap, toilet paper, etc.) are not taken away. Showers are open from 6am to 10pm. Their users will take care not to waste or use water excessively in order to allow all campers to benefit from it.
    Where can I empty my waste water?
    Wastewater drains must only be carried out in thededicated collectors. If necessary, the campsite's stewards will provide information on their use and location on the campsite.
  3. Are there any vehicles on the campsite?
    Vehicles are not allowed to drive inside the camp. Only campers' vehicles are accepted inside the campsite. Vehicles may not park on access roads and internal roads. With the exception of travel to and from the camp, vehicle traffic is prohibited in the camp. The maximum speed of the cars inside the camp is 10 km/h. Camper's vehicle may only park within the camper's unit. Parking a vehicle outside a unit is therefore strictly prohibited. In the event of an accident inside the camp, the driver of the vehicle, motorized or not, may be held liable. The traffic regulations are strictly enforced.
    Can I light a campfire?
    Campfires, barbecues and stoves are prohibited, as well as gas tanks filling.
    Are there any rules regarding campers noise?
    Campers must respect public tranquility and demonstrate morality and decency in their behaviour, dressing and words. The use of radios, televisions and other sound devices will be carried out in an effort not to disturb the neighbourhood, in particular between 10pm and 7am.
    Can I bring visitors?
    No visitors will be allowed on the campsite
    Are animals allowed inside the campsite?
    Animals are not allowed inside the campsite.
    I'm coming with my children.
    Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. Can I bring a foodtruck inside the camping zone?
    Any commercial activity is prohibited within the camp grounds. The organizer is the only one authorized to carry on a commercial activity there.
  1. Will the Grand Prix de France take place in 2020?
    Because of the ban on major events until September and the continued closure of the Schengen area until further notice, and because of all the recent decisions announced by the French Government to fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the GIP Grand Prix de France - Le Castellet takes note of the impossibility to maintain the French Formula 1 Grand Prix on June 28th. There will therefore be no Formula 1 Grand Prix de France this year.
    I had bought my tickets for the 2020 French Grand Prix, how can I get them back?
    Spectators who bought their ticket(s) for the 2020 edition of the Formula 1 Grand Prix de France on gpfrance.com must apply for a refund before June 30, 2020 by completing the following form: https://tickets.gpfrance.com/fr/remboursementreport Spectators who had purchased their ticket(s) at other points of sale will have to request a refund directly from the reseller. Contact details and information on official resellers can be found on this page: https://gpfrance.stagewp.webedia.io/informations-pratiques/grand-prix-de-france-2020-procedures-de-remboursement/
    Can I keep my tickets for the 2021 Formula 1 Grand Prix de France?
    Spectators who had bought their ticket(s) for the 2020 edition of the Formula 1 Grand Prix de France on gpfrance.stagewp.webedia.io can ask to postpone their purchase to the next edition. Requests for postponement must be made before 30 June 2020 by completing the following form: https://tickets.gpfrance.com/fr/remboursementreport The order will be carried over to the same places and under the same conditions for the Grand Prix de France at the Circuit Paul Ricard in 2021. However, the transfer is not possible for purchases made at other ticket sales outlets.
    I bought my camping, car park or shuttle for the 2020 Grand Prix de France, can I get a refund?
    The GIP Grand Prix de France - Le Castellet undertakes to reimburse those who request it, in addition to the tickets, for all associated services sold on the gpfrance.stagewp.webedia.io website. This concerns the paid car parks (Premium and FastPark), the shuttles (regional, national and international) as well as the services of the official campsite. The procedure for requesting a refund is the same as for tickets (form https://tickets.gpfrance.com/fr/remboursementreport to be completed before June 30). If a purchase included both Grand Prix tickets and associated services, the refund will be the total amount of the order. However, the GIP Grand Prix de France - Le Castellet is not in a position to reimburse transport or accommodation services booked with other companies and therefore invites the spectators concerned to contact the company with which they have booked or their insurance directly.
  2. A general question?
    A question about the tickets?
    If you have any questions about ticketing that you cannot find in the FAQs, you can send your questions to tickets@gpfrance.com or contact the after-sales service : 09 70 25 22 05.
    A question about camping?
    A question about the access?
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